I have been through psychic attack so I witnessed each and every one of these. I was trying to help a family member with online resources and couldn’t find much on Google without clicking on sketchy links so I decided to compile my own list.

You may experience a few, or all of these symptoms.

1. You can’t get your…

She wipes the table after she cooked her own breakfast.
Scrambled eggs, buttered toast and cheese all made into a sandwich.

Just like her Dad taught her.
Meanwhile, I’m wiping up the tears of my soul, trying to document time as my daughter grows old.

For weeks, she’s wanted her…

An early morning poem.

It’s 5 am. Soul screams silently, so heavy.
It’s nothing new

being engulfed in wicked games
breaking my own heart
hiding my own soul
early morning escapism before coffee is a brew
my soul screaming for relief

eight. twelve. fifteen.
Is that how long its been?


I'm eclectic

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